User Acceptance Testing

I can test your site just before launch to make sure it is issue and bug free before you go live. UAT can ultimately save you time and money and increase customer satisfaction. The principle of UAT is simple, it verifies your solution works for customers.

UAT Test Plans

I can write a Test Plan that includes: 

  • Scope of the tests  – a list of features to test and any exclusions
  • Assumptions and constraints of the testing
  • UAT requirement based test cases & expected results 

Run & Record Tests

I can run requirement based tests that I have written or that already exist as part of your project: 

  • Run tests across a variety of devices & browsers
  • Log bugs with easy to follow and reproducible steps
  • Co-ordinate additional testers if required and deduplicate any issues logged

Re-test Issues

Once the isssues have been fixed I can: 

  • Re-test the issues and log further infofmation if required
  • Re-test the whole site at a high level 
  • Approve for live if required

The Process

I can fit in with how you are already running your project and pick up as much or as little as you need me to do. If you’d like me to coordinate full UAT then I will follow the process detailed below. 

Understand the project
  • Get in touch and we can have a chat 
  • I will need to understand as much about your project as possible, as during my UAT I will be verifying if business and user requirements are met
  • At this stage we can roughly scope the project – pages, devices & browser to test

Create test plans
  • Based on our discussions I’ll document the full scope of the testing, including what’s not included, any assumptions etc
  • I’ll detail test cases for all areas of the site you want me to test
  • After you’ve signed this off and your site is ready for UAT I can get going

  • I will run the test cases across agreed browsers and devices
  • I will log any issues (with reproducable steps) in any system you are using or recommend a tracking system we can use
  • I can deduplicate and coordinate additional testers if required  

  • Once the issues logged by any testers have been fixed I re-test them
  • I can then test the whole site again at a high level to make sure it is still functioning as expected prior to going live 

The Costs

My fee will vary depending upon the size of the project and the scope, such as how many browsers and devices to test against. As a rough guide 8 hours testing would be £200 and depending on the complexity of the site could cover up to 10 pages. Rates for projects can be discussed and agreed. 

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