Exclusive copywriting deals for Mumbler

Have you booked an advertising feature on a Mumbler website? Are you struggling to find time to write the post or don’t know where to start? I can help you.

I often write for York Mumbler and have written for North Leeds Mumber so I am familiar with the audience and tone of voice. I can make your brand and business resonate with Mumblers. To make your life even easier I’ve developed three package options detailed below. Have a read and please get in touch if you would like me to help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your options


This short & sweet option is perfect for the promotion of a special event or a competition for Mumblers. Tell me your idea and I’ll do the rest. 


What do you get?

  • 300-500 words
  • One round of revisions (your opportunity to provide feedback/changes)
  • Your images & content uploaded to Mumbler for an agreed date


If you want an in-depth feature all about your business and what it can offer Mumblers, then this option is for you. 


What do you get? 

  • 500-1000 words
  • Two rounds of revisions (your opportunity to provide feedback/changes)
  • Sourcing of royalty free images if required
  • Option to include Mumbler endoresments for your brand or business*
  • Images & content uploaded to Mumbler for an agreed date


Want to regularly connect with Mumblers AND need more content for your site? This option gives you 2 features, plus 2 more for your site.


What do you get?

  • One short feature (300-500 words) & one long feature (500-1000 words) for the Mumbler site to be featured at different times of year
  • Two short features (300-500 words) for your own site – I’ll also help you think of content/topic ideas if required to help with your SEO
  • Two rounds of revisions (although as we will be working a lot more, hopefully you won’t need this)
  • Sourcing of royalty free images if required
  • Option to include Mumbler endorsements for your brand or business on the Mumbler posts*
  • Images & content uploaded to Mumbler on agreed dates throughout the year
"Jane has written a number of blogs for Mumbler and I have been incredibly happy with her work. It really does show when you work with a professional like Jane and the blogs she has written have been among the most popular ever on my website. If you're going to invest in Marketing then it's worth making sure you do it properly. Jane is a fantastic researcher, writer and works well to deadlines too. She understands my business needs and met them brilliantly. Highly recommended."
"I have worked with Jane on a couple of bespoke projects this year which has involved generating blogs and also adapting supplied content to fit the Mumbler audience. I have found Jane very professional and efficient, often working to very short deadlines! Her content has had great feedback from my customers including a recent campaign for the Leeds Public Health Team on encouraging families and pregnant ladies to have the flu vaccine. Jane has conducted research above and beyond the supplied brief and understand my business and target audience very well. I would highly recommend."

Examples of my work

York Mumbler Ad feature for Craft Savy

York Mumbler post for Valentine's Day

York Mumbler post for the 10 best parks

North Leeds Mumbler Ad feature for Goals

Infographic for meal planning

York Mumbler post for Restaurant Offers

York Mumbler post for Gift ideas

York Mumbler Ad feature for York Art Gallery

Please note: 

  • The prices above are for the copywriting fee only. There is an additional media fee for advertorial posts on the Mumbler sites which is payable to Mumbler and must be agreed in advance. 
  • All posts on the Mumbler site must be agreed and booked with Mumbler in before any copywriting services are agreed or started.
  • The Mumbler Owner reserves the right to edit and approve any final content I produce for you.  Any further changes, agreements, advertising fees and timings of publishing on Mumbler are in accordance with the Mumbler website and your agreement with the Owner. 

*I will research and obtain quotes about your business from the Mumbler Facebook Group if required within your feature. If your business hasn’t been discussed or the comments are not recent enough, I will ask the current Facebook group for content to include in the feature, but cannot guarantee obtaining responses, however I have found the group to be very helpful and responsive. 

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