Hello, I'm Jane - thanks for visiting my site

After working in eCommerce and IT in the travel industry for 25 years, I am now freelance and work for small to medium businesses.

I specialise in copywriting, usability testing and user acceptance testing, so as you can tell I like to focus on the customer. I am passionate about ensuring customers have an enjoyable and trouble-free experience online. 

I have heaps of UX experience, having headed up a large UX team for the last 6 years of my office-bound life and I make time to keep up to date with new technology and processes. 

I am all about the detail (let’s not call me pedantic) as I believe by focusing on the detail you can make a real difference to a customer’s experience. 

I take time to understand…

  • Your business, brand, services and products
  • Your audience and customers 
  • Your site and technology 

…all before I write a single word.

You’ll enjoy working with me – I promise.

What else can I tell you?

I live and work in York, although I am originally from Norwich. I came to university in York in 1994 (cough) where I studied design and I have lived in York ever since. I don’t think 28 years makes me a Yorkshire lass yet though?  

I love reading, writing and cooking. My dream is to combine all three one day by writing a cookery book. 

If I am not busy working or cooking, I can be found speed walking to school with my daugher! 

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